Bramley Classics situated in Norfth Hampshire near Reading and Basingstoke

Now that the summer is with us it is the perfect time for a classic day out

As the weather improves so does the demand for our vehicles.  We have had some lovely renters over the last few weeks, including a Frenchman who hired our mini to take his dad on a tour of the sites of London!   

Those that have hired the MGB have enjoyed the sunny days with the hood down.  It even inspired one customer to go and buy a soft top car of their own! 

June 2019

Our Mini Cooper looks fantastic after its restore

A good classic is a bit like Trigger's Broom - It is original but has had a lot of restoration!

I'm sure a theme that will come up again is what constitutes a good classic? How much restoration has been done?  And, how well has the restoration maintained the authenticity of the car?   

As you can see from the picture of the Mini, it has been extensively restored but this has been done to original specification and hence the car feels close to the way it would have done when it left the factory.

March 2019

MGB Sports car all the better for restoration

And the MGB is no different!

Another extensive renovation this time the MGB.   Only a few hundred miles later and it looks and drives all the better for it!

Would love to hear your views on what you look for in a classic car and in particular what you think matters when restoration work is done. 

March 2019